I Ain't No Saint Studio Gift Vouchers

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Looking for the perfect present for someone but can't decide what to get?  Why not treat them to an I Ain't No Saint Gift Voucher?!

These Studio Gift Vouchers are for Piercing, Vape, Jewellery and Merchandise.  For Tattoo Gift Vouchers please click here

We have 2 types of vouchers :

- Tattoo Gift Vouchers : these are larger amounts starting at our artist Iaint's hourly rate of £80 which can used towards session work or to make up most of the amount of our minimum charge (which is £100).  They then come in £160 (2 hours in the chair), £240 (3 hours in the Chair) and £320 (the price of our half day rate - 5 hours in the chair for the price of 4)
- Studio Gift Vouchers : these come in amounts of £20, £25 and £30.  Any of these vouchers can be used for Piercing, Vape Supplies, Jewellery and Merchandise in the Studio. If you want to get someone more (say, £50 to buy a new Vaporesso Target mini kit) you can buy multiples of these vouchers. 

So what are you waiting for?  These vouchers are the perfect present for someone who would like some new ink or want to use any of the other services here at I Ain't No Saint.  


**Gift Voucher Conditions: Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash value.  These vouchers once bought cannot be refunded & hold no cash value. 
Vouchers must be used within 12 months of purchase date.
Vouchers cannot be used as deposit payment for booking tattoos.**