Outlaw Nation Set No. 1-12 by Jamie Delano, Goran Sudzuka

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Outlaw Nation by Jamie Delano & Jamie Sudzuka, Vertigo DC Comics (2000-2002) focusses on Story Johnson, a hundred-year-old semi-deranged amnesiac pulp fiction-writer who returns home from 25 years MIA in Vietnam. All Story wants is to recover his missing time and catch up with some legendary, larger-than-life Johnson Family members. Trouble is, a lot of cousins have "disappeared," and those that are left have put the blame on him.

The intriguing, complex story delves into the depths of America's folk lore of immortal clans. Striking artwork with an intricate storyline. 

Numbers 1-12 in the 19 part series set can be found here in the original form in full colour.  Sealed in plastic sleeves to preserve their quality.